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   We cannot change the world in which we live with the same way of thinking that created the current situation. We are forced to think differently. We call this “thinking outside the box.” The term Metaphysical Ecology (ME) is suggesting an ecology beyond the physical. It is an ecology that requires “thinking outside the box.”

   Our work invites all those we connect with to let go of old ways of thinking about the world in which we live. We cannot understand this world when we restrict our beliefs to that what our senses or instruments tell us, or what we have been told and taught. We need to look beyond. We can only do that when we are willing to believe that there are worlds beyond the world we observe with our senses. We need to be willing to believe in subtle worlds (for us invisible worlds) filled with invisible beings. We need to believe again in magic and see that magic is an inherent part of life if we are willing to let magic back into our reality.

   Our work supports those who are willing to look beyond what our senses tell us, what we have been told and still are told is “real,” and are looking for new ways to look at who we are and how the world functions. If you are interested in exploring new ways, you have come to the right website.
   We believe that we are co-creators and caretakers of this planet we call Gaia. We also believe that every Soul made an agreement to fulfill this role before incarnating into this physical reality. However, because incarnation also brings amnesia, we have forgotten this role. Metaphysical Ecology is meant to help us to remember and define this role.

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   The work at Metaphysical Ecology and the work done at Lemurantis (http://www.lemurantis.com) are related, and there is a direct collaboration. They also have together a Newsletter. If you are interested in receiving this Newsletter, please fill in the form.